The following celebrities are alumni of Montessori education:

Barack Obama (President of the United States of America) 

Larry Page and Sergey Brin (The founder of Google) 

Jeffrey Bezos (The founder of Amazon) 

Mark Zuckerberg (The founder of Facebook) 

Jimmy Wales (The founder of Wikipedia) 

Bill Clinton (The former President of the United States of America) 

Hillary Clinton (The former secretary of State of the United States of America) 


Montessori education system is using a variety of flash cards. Flash card education has been known to effectively train the right brain. 


Receiving Montessori education entails ample money and time. For this reason, we made this application so people can learn from using Flash card application at their convenient time.



Education is the key to peace.A bright child can cultivate future individuals who can contribute to the world. We believe that this is first step in attaining a peaceful world.



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